3. Overall Approach

As stated above from previous discussions with the client these are the main aims and objectives through our project. Our initial thoughts and plans in order to achieve the ojectives successfully are described below.

To increase the exposure of our client in the local area we plan to compose a news/feature article on Judy. The section will be completed by Karen and Federica. This proposal was introduced by the client herself. The news feature will work in relation to the client’s objectives aiming on her business, herself and also, as her work is within a specific area, we are targeting local newspapers such as the Press and Journal. With a combined circulation of 26,280 readers in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire this will develop her reach (Aberdeen Journals Ltd, 2012). Additionally we will publish this article onto her social media pages (Facebook and her website). Our client emphasised the importance to reach target audience through audiences who are interested. On initial research our client has already built a strong online presence since establishing in 2013. Facebook Page statistics show a total of  2,251 “likes” (Facebook Pages, 2015) Further presence on Instagram totaled 498 followers (Instagram, 2016).

Due to the established nature of these media our integrated marketing campaign will focus to enhance these channels further. We propose a commercial video showing three stages of her service, focusing on initial consultation with the subjects, the photoshoot itself and finished photos. This media will be  uploaded to her Facebook page as the auto-playback feature gains more engagement overall (Small Business Trends, 2015). Due to the short time frame the video will be 1 to 2 minutes which reflects the optimum duration for audiences. It further encourages interested audiences to share the videos, “ultimately, both forms of response attest to the reach and impact of brand posts” (W.Tafesse, 2015) Finally aim to highlight the businesses USP and deliver clear reasons her photography is different to competitors.

In addition the client will hold an interactive competition on social media. 32% of social media users actively follow brands and companies (Benson and Fiddian, 2015).  The competition will invite and encourage followers to send candid, natural photos of their children with a  description why the entrant should be awarded a photoshoot from our client. Choosing natural photographs incorporates her style and values. To achieve this the competition will be monitored closely on Facebook and Instagram. It will be publicised well in advance to catch the target audience and reach. Reminder posts will also be crucial to the engagement and success. Only one platform will be open to entries as this is easier to collect overall. We will actively monitor the engagement both before, during and after the competition to measure if the objectives have been reached.


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