4. Project Management

Primary research (interviews, videos, questionnaires) will be used as main method of research in order to collect and analyse information from a direct, reliable source which is Judy Laing herself.

Secondary important strategic move is to advise management of every campaign related decision – always report to Judy Laing.

Further methods applied include putting material realized for the campaign exclusively on official channels such as YouTube and Laing’s social media platforms.


The strategic planning model that the committee decided to apply to the specific advertising campaign discussed is a combination of: Cutlip’s (2004) four steps problem solving process, Jefkins’ (1992), six points model, Wilcox’s eight basic elements and Newsom’s campaign model.

According to Cutlip (2004 p. 30) “Planning is for the purpose of making something happen”, therefore the first step is to define the PR problems which affect Judy Laing ‘s business, such as: scarce social media coverage and awareness in the Aberdeen area.

From Jefkins’ six points model, the committee extrapolated the importance of defining objectives, key publics, media and techniques, which for the specific campaign are: to raise Judy Laing’s business awareness and consequently request of services in the Aberdeen area among recently married couples, young families as well as family with grown sons who usually ask for family portraits, on both local newspapers and online platforms.

Wilcox’s emphasis on setting a calendar and timetable to follow is extremely important for the short scale programme discussed in these pages.

Newsom’s campaign model focus on budget’s setting and evaluation is the final considered point of the strategy applied.


The campaign will be constituted by different pieces of work: a feature article which will follow an interview with Judy Lang herself aimed to show “the woman behind the photographer”, a “hook” article titled “10 tips of photography” which will drag readers’ attention to Judy Lang’s work, a set of four short movies, three of which focused on portraying photoshoots’ session and one other dedicated to workshops and the commitment to implement social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) reach.

One of the aim is also to improve her Facebook page and drag more attention on it.

The initial idea is to increase the attention over her Facebook page through the organization of a competition that involves her followers. The main aim of the competition itself is to increase her popularity over the platform rather than increase her number of followers.

What Judy Lang is asking for is an increase of followers from the Aberdeen area since her objective is to acquire more clients who belongs to this particular area.

Although the idea for the campaign is yet to be elaborated by Judy Lang herself, who will establish the rules of the competition and eventually the prize as well.

She is aiming to elaborate a competition that will increase her popularity as well as her following of people who have an interest in improving their photographic skills.

Further details over the rest of the plan are yet to be confirmed.

4.1 Project Schedule

The social media campaign is going to be finalised by the 20th of April. Since it is a very short time, the various videos and posts are going to be released gradually so their effectiveness can be correctly measured. If they were to be released at the same time, we would not know for sure what exactly is working. Also, too many elements distributed at the same time could overwhelm and bore Judy’s followers, therefore creating a negative impact.

First week:

The campaign is going to start at a slow pace, by improving the Instagram posts – using different kind of pictures from shoots, behind the scene photos, using more tags and some technical details on how the effect was achieved that would provide the followers with more useful information.

Second week:

Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest posts are going to become more frequent and prepare the followers for the next step – by suggesting that people should pay more attention to her pages.

Third week:

Facebook/Instagram competition: The details and the conditions of the competition are yet to be decided by Judy Laing herself.

Fifth – six week:

Release of the promotional videos over social media platforms.

However, due to the nature of the project, especially the filming times and filming conditions, the plan schedule is subject to change.




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