5. Target Audience

The Cambridge Business English Dictionary (2016) defines a target audience as the particular ​group of ​people to which an ​advertisement, a ​product, a ​website or a ​television or radio ​programme is ​directed. Since Judy Laing Photography is the embodiment of a product – the photographs – and a service – the entire process of taking the photographs, from personal meetings to the shoot – at the same time, these elements have to be directed towards a public that can use these services, and using the concept of a definite targeted audience aids this social media marketing campaign to reach the right people.

However, due to its very nature it, almost by default, targets middle and upper class individuals with the financial means to afford such service. Since in the present age and time “everyone is a photographer because digital has made everything easier” (Cowart 2013), everyone can snap a quick picture with a iPhone, a small digital camera or even a professional camera. However, having a DSLR does not automatically transforms everyone into a professional photographer. According to Judy Laing photography is “much more than just pressing a button” (Alexa 2016). It is an experience, it is about the skill of the person that presses that button. Therefore the targeted audience of this service are people that understand that difference, and that are willing to pay in order to have unforgettable moments immortalized in their photo albums. Judy Laing Photography also offers photography classes and workshops, to both adults and teenagers that want to get of the “Automatic settings” of their cameras, and have a chance to discover the world through their lens.

Therefore, the targeted audience of this campaign can be divided into three different categories, according to the service they are seeking.

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