10. Conclusion

In conclusion, the group is going to run a social media marketing campaign to aid Judy Laing Photography in the process of gaining more clients. This objective is going to be achieved by using different methods and tools to promote the business on various social media platforms.

On Facebook the aim is to create engagement by running a competition, on Instagram increase the number of Judy Laing’s followers and on Pinterest increase the number of re-pins to her posts. A series of video advertisements are going to accompany the above mentioned posts, therefore increasing the attention people pay to her pages as well as increasing engagement by reminding them to check the newest “episode” in the next following days.

The campaign is going to be evaluated at the end of its running period as well as the end of each week. These measurements should be able to provide the team with valuable information about the changes in the number of followers or traffic to Judy’s website, that would show its effectiveness. Therefore the strategies mentioned in the above plan are subject to change in order to achieve the desired aims and objectives.